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Books for Boys

It took a few years, but I've finally managed to find some fantastic books that sparked Caleb's love for reading! Reading has always been a struggle for my son, and I don't say that lightly. There have been fights fought and tears shed all in the name of making him want to read. By the time Caleb had raised his reading level high enough to read chapter books, reading had become work to him. To read for pleasure was the last thing he wanted to do. Reading was exhausting!

Then one day, my mom gifted Caleb the book Rust written by Royden Lepp. Rust is a graphic novel, so it took Caleb outside of the novel format he was used to. I think that small change allowed him to give reading a chance enough to experience the joy it could bring. Not only is Rust full of action, adventure, and excitement, it has amazing illustration that draw the reading into the story. Royden Lepp is so talented!
Don't get me wrong, Caleb would still rather play video games than curl up with a good …

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