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Nursery Plans - Tick Tock!

Happy long weekend friends! I am excited for the extra time to spend with my family and tackle a few extra projects. I don't know what it is about today, but I am all of a sudden feeling overwhelmed with all that I have to do before our little babe arrives. It could be that we've moved, all the birthdays we've celebrated lately, the ongoing kitchen renovation, the full time jobs we keep, just surviving with three kids and no kitchen, or, you know...the exhaustion of growing a baby, but time sure is flying! This morning I decided I needed to wrap my head around all that needs to be done and make some lists. What's a more fun way to do that than a little designing board?
This is the neutral direction I plan to go with the nursery because we are not finding out the gender of the baby. What a beautiful surprise we will have! Some of the items pictured, like the glider and wood crib, I already have. Everett is still in his crib, and I plan to draw that out as long as possi…

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